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The Dead’s Island

There is an atmospheric attraction not very far from Moscow. It can disappear at any moment. But still it exists.

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You cannot get here by car. There is no normal road to the Dead’s island. You cannot get here by boat. There are bogs all over around. You can walk here if you know or happen to find a single secret path. The trail leads through the sand hills, through pine forests, through abandoned deep pits full of water, and through smelly bogs full of black mud.

This is the old village cemetery on a hill-island. Now nobody lives here or nearby. The village has destroyed. The cemetery has remained. The old village cemetery is surrounded by water and marshes on all sides. It’s a different world. It’s the Dead’s island.

Vodka “Kind Bear”

Text by Igor Shiryaev. Photo by Igor Shiryaev and Larisa Shiryaeva.

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