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Shushmor Spirit

I’d like to tell you a long-long story about the Shushmor zone. Shushmor is an anomalous zone in Russia not very far from Moscow. It’s really full of mysteries. I have been travelling to Shushmor for more than 10 years. I want to tell you about this wonderful place, and show you some photos and videos. But doing it is impossible in one single article. That’s why I will do it piecemeal.

Now I want to present you a new short film, which is called Shushmor Spirit. It will reveal some aspects of Russian culture for those who are interested. You can follow the topic with the Shushmor tag. I realize my English in Shushmor Spirit is not ideal. That’s why I have placed the script below the video. So you can read the Shushmor Spirit’s speech for better understanding. And remember, it’s just fiction!

1. I live in a skull. I’ve been living in the old skull since I knew myself, and I’ve got bored.

2. I am looking through my empty eyeholes and waiting.

3. Here a man has come to the Snake Rock. Locals keep coming and going. They are destined to this. And I keep waiting.

4. If you feel bored let somebody fuck you. Then your boredom will vanish as if by magic.

5. There used to be a god… different god… Snake God. He would allow more. He was closer to these locals. Here, there is the Rock he put by the side of the road for them to sit a bit, take breath, and beg for something…

The former Snake God understood and sympathized with the locals. Wanna smoke? Do smoke! Wanna booze? Do booze! Wanna fuck? Do fuck! That is what women are good for. Wanna kill anybody? Do kill if only there is a good reason. Moreover, the land was common. There were more beasts in the woods. The locals came here to the Snake Rock more often. That’s why I didn’t feel bored.

6. If the fate takes you to an unknown future, it’s much better than just being buried in a grave.

7. Many centuries ago a new god came here, and kicked old Snake God out. Well, churches have appeared everywhere. But almost nobody comes to the Snake Rock any longer.

Where are the locals to bury their dead now? Nowhere nearby. Earlier the locals used to burn dead bodies up on the Snake Rock. But now they have to drag a corpse to the nearest church graveyard. It takes hours of dragging through swamps. Well-well, such a new god…

Here is the local working hard and dragging me to the graveyard. Men like him are rare to meet. He’s a good guy but foolish though. If a good and foolish guy is knocking himself out for your sake don’t stop him. Because a clever guy wouldn’t do as much as drag you to the graveyard through his laziness, to say nothing of entertaining you. The clever are of this sort. They are like me waiting for being entertained instead.

8. Any right and true way doesn’t exist here. The new god exists, but the true way doesn’t. If the right and true way doesn’t exist here, if any local man doesn’t have rights but only duties, what is such a new god good for? I don’t know…

Old Snake God felt for these local men. He might not have helped the locals too much, but he wouldn’t bring them under. So I suspect, old Snake God was like any local man by nature. He could do everything from sort of poisoning someone to stealing something to raping and drowning a woman. The locals used to die in large numbers here… But anyway the locals respected old Snake God unlike the new god, and nobody would bring them under.

9. This road is called the Kolomenskiy road. Look, the new god, show me the way here, I ask you. I can’t see any road here. Any god is imposter unless he shows every man his own way to go. This is what I think. There were many various gods that I have seen.

10. People go missing often here on the Kolomenskiy road. It’s only but easy to go missing on this land. If you haven’t got the God in your heart, if you haven’t got anyone to lean on you are done for. If you’ve got the God in your heart, if you trust his promises, if you hope the God’s help, then you are done for too. And this because it’s the wrong gods that have been appointed up there.

11. There used to be an old bridge here. Snake God was a right one. He knew the main thing: for a man to work he needed to have something of his own, not just a sop. Snake God would allow the locals to fuck somebody else’s women or grab somebody else’s properties or slaughter other men to get their properties and women. That was the reason why there was the bridge over a small Polya river. The locals had built it to hunt for properties and women. The new god prohibited such practice. So the locals burnt down the bridge over the Polya river. They did it while drunk but with sort of implicit intent so that the new god would notice this and listen to them. But the new god turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the locals, that’s what I think. The locals burnt the bridge just for nothing. Should the whole village be burnt to ashes the new god would never notice.

12. After the locals had burnt the old bridge there was neither road left nor god saved in men’s hearts. Nothing was left on this land. Only the fools stayed alive. These generous fools are the salt of this land. It was them who have built a new bridge. But finally someone will burn it down while drunk.

13. A generous fool can kill you inadvertently, you know. But he will do it humanely in the ideal place.

14. It’s getting chilly. Living a life is cold without the true god.

15. Even the fools are gradually passing away. This land will vanish if the fools die. The fools are the God’s tools. There will remain nobody to work without the fools.

16. Here is the graveyard. He’s gonna bury me now. Look man, don’t give up! You don’t look happy dragging a dead body to bury. But your sorrow is only but relative because it could be the other way round.

17. Oh boy! Here are loads of the dead! It’s the new god’s playing around. The new god doesn’t seem to love his people too much. That’s just the way it is. He makes you sorrow to bury the dead body. But not too much. The real sorrow is when the impostor brings the whole lot of people to their graves.

18. Listen man! Drink to whoever you want. I gonna drink to Ur, Snake God!

The video is made by the family couple Shiryaevs Larissa&Igor .
Dear readers!

This article presents my personal view. I don’t pretend I tell you any kind of absolute objectivity.

I love Russia and I love Russians. My personal slogan is “I love! I know! I tell!”

I’m very sorry for my bad English. First of all I try to tell you about lovely Russia, about the Russian mind and way of thinking. I don’t pretend I speak correct and fluent English.

I can help you in any projects related to Russia in the fields of deep non-standard tourism and independent journalism. Also you can buy some my texts and photos. Contact me by e-mail: editor@diff-view.com if you want. Welcome to real Russia!

Yours sincerely
Igor Shiryaev

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