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Moscow G-spot

voz18 Moscow has its own G-spot. As befits the G-spot it’s located at the bottom and at the depth. You can reach the G-spot moving deep into the narrow passage. Access is not for everyone. Access is limited. Only adults are allowed to reach the G-spot. It’s dark and pleasant in the depths.

Welcome to the Museum of Erotic Art and Sex, called G-spot! It’s in Moscow. A huge stone lies at the entrance to the museum. It is believed the stone can fulfill any crazy sexual desires. But in order to make your dreams come true the magic stone has its own require. You should do rubbing and frottage with the huge stone. Do you have any crazy sexual desires? Try!

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Written by Igor Shiryaev. Taken pictures by Igor Shiryaev and Larisa Shiryaeva.

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The Internet mass media Different View. 11.04.2015