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Magic Forest

Magic Forest is located in the heart of Moscow city. It is here Tverskaya Street [named after the ancient Russian city of Tver], and Tverskoy Boulevard, and Strastnoy Boulevard [Holy Boulevard] are woven into a tight transport hub.

Magic Forest is a real name. This project brings together not only city designers but also animal photographers who create photo exhibitions here.

Magic Forest in the center of Moscow gives children the belief that fairy tales and dreams come true. Magic Forest gives adults the hope that beauty and goodness save the world. It is said that if you touch something beautiful in Magic Forest, you’ll be a little happier. Let’s touch!

[Photos are clickable]

The text and the photos are made by Igor Shiryaev.
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This article presents my personal view. I don’t pretend I tell you any kind of absolute objectivity.

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The Internet mass media Different View. 22.01.2015