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Dear friends! The Different View Magazine invites you to a Russian Adventure.

[Photos are clickable]

Being journalists we make regular trips to unusual places in Russia. Being professional psychologists we know and understand the Russian mentality very well. We invite you to travel and to learn Russia with us. We can pick up you for a reportage trip. You should realize that it is not an ordinary tourism offer. It is not tourism at all. You just accompany us for a reportage trip. You can see the true Russian life and unusual non-touristic places in Russia. It is a real Russian Adventure. And you do it at your own risk.

Here are the reportage trips we have already done. And we can pick up you for these or similar places.

  1. This is the meteorite lake in forests and swamps. It is located in about 160 km from Moscow. Many million years ago the Universe missed shooting the place where now there is the Moscow Kremlin. We are lucky! You can see this meteorite lake with your own eyes.

  1. These are the abandoned village Shatur and the pagan Snake Stone. It may be a stunning experience for you. Travel with us!

  1. This is an industrial zone. We call it the White Desert. It is located not very far from Moscow. The White Desert is exotic and beautiful. You can see it if follow us.

  1. This is the Dead’s Island. You cannot get here by car. There is no normal road to the Dead’s island. You cannot get here by boat. There are bogs all over around. You can walk here if you know or happen to find a single secret path. The trail leads through the sand hills, through pine forests, through abandoned deep pits full of water, and through smelly bogs full of black mud.This is the old village cemetery on a hill-island. Now nobody lives here or nearby. The village has destroyed. The cemetery has remained. The old village cemetery is surrounded by water and marshes on all sides. It’s a different world. It’s the Dead’s Island.

If you want to know more see our picture story the Dead’s Island.

  1. This is the Muromtsevo Castle. It is an ancient Russian manor house, which was built in European style. It is located more then 200 km from Moscow but it is worth to see.

If you want to see these or similar places contact the Editor in Chief Igor Shiryaev. Here is the Contact Information.

Text by Igor Shiryaev. Photo by Igor Shiryaev and Larisa Shiryaeva.

Dear readers!

This article presents my personal view. I don’t pretend I tell you any kind of absolute objectivity.

I love Russia and I love Russians. My personal slogan is “I love! I know! I tell!”

I’m very sorry for my bad English. First of all I try to tell you about lovely Russia, about the Russian mind and way of thinking. I don’t pretend I speak correct and fluent English.

I can help you in any projects related to Russia in the fields of deep non-standard tourism and independent journalism. Also you can buy some my texts and photos. Contact me by e-mail: editor@diff-view.com if you want. Welcome to real Russia!

Yours sincerely
Igor Shiryaev

The Internet mass media Different View. 01.12.2014