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He Has Come Back!

He has come back! Hayk Melkonyan has returned to Russia! He has brought to Moscow his new photo exhibition: Three Faces of Armenia: Nature, Creators, and Creation. This exhibition continues the previous one, which took place here two years ago.

Hayk Melkonyan

Hayk Melkonyan

The previous photo exhibition: The Unknown Armenia by Hayk Melkonyan.

Do you know Armenia? I am sure really you don’t. But even if you know Armenia you cannot do it as well as Hayk Melkonyan does. Hayk Melkonyan is my close friend. But the matter is Hayk Melkonyan is also a traveler, mountain guide, journalist and photographer. Hayk Melkonyan is a real Armenia’s Singer. He knows Armenia. He loves Armenia. He shows us true Armenia in his unforgettable photos. Enjoy Here!

The new photo exhibition: Three Faces of Armenia: Nature, Creators, and Creation, continues from October 20th to November 10th 2014 in Moscow. You must see it! Enjoy Just Now!

[Photos are clickable]

Text by Igor Shiryaev. Photo by Hayk Melkonyan.

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The Internet mass media Different View. 27.10.2014