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Chernousovo Car Mirage

On that day in 2009 I dreamt of escaping out of the big city. I preferred driving away in the country but not too far away, so that I could drive round trip in a day. In addition I wanted my trip would be related to car subjects because I had just improved and tuned my favorite off-road car. [See Crazy Project] Good luck led me in Chernousovo.

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The world is based not on three pillars or three whales. The world is based on eccentrics. If someone would forbid the eccentrics existence, the world would become boring. Fortunately, cranks and eccentrics cannot be banned. One of them Michael Krasinets collects old cars at his estate.

Michael Krasinets

On that day Chernousovo village was a typical Russian abandoned village in the Tula region. The most of locals were customary divided into three categories. They were either dead or smart or alcoholics. The dead ones had been buried in graves. The smart ones had left away. The alcoholics had stayed there and were still boozing. [I hope you understand that this is a joke.]

Chernousovo village was a typical Russian abandoned village in the Tula region.

However, sometimes exceptions may occur. Some years ago Michael Krasinets created a car museum here.

The inscription, Automobile Museum 300 meters

The inscription, Automobile Museum at Chernousovo

The inscription, Automobile Museum at Chernousovo

Now it’s hard to say for sure, if this place is a car museum or a car cemetery. In the past there was a huge amount of discussions on the subject. Now I am telling you my own subjective view.

Michael Krasinets

Rally pilot Michael Krasinets was a racer of the Moscow Automobile Plant AZLK. He also worked as a car mechanic. Then he retired from professional motor sports and began collecting old Soviet cars in the main and old foreign cars in addition. To that date in 2009, he had collected about 300 old cars.

Keeping this collection in Moscow was impossible. Then Michael Krasinets sold his Moscow apartment and left for the abandoned village Chernousovo for preserving and restoring old cars. But he did not have enough money for such a global project. Moreover the Michael’s difficult character prevented him to find sufficient interested partners and sponsors. He managed to achieve the status of a museum. But to that date in 2009 in fact this place was more like a car cemetery than a car museum. The cars were rusting, and Michael Krasinets was trying to save them, but the results were modest.

Below you can see the views of 2009. I guess that to this date the situation has become worse. But it’s really an atmospheric place, and it is worth to visit.

More information you can get in Russian from the Interesnii Mir [Interesting World] magazine, Part 1, 2, 3, 4.

Written by Igor Shiryaev. Taken pictures by Igor Shiryaev and Larisa Shiryaeva.

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