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Miss Burlesque Festival

Miss Burlesque Festival took place in Moscow in September 2016th. Here you can see photos and videos from the Festival. Enjoy! The Internet mass media Different View. 29.09.2016

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Around the Kremlin

Moscow has become very beautiful. Moscow has always been beautiful and it continues being beautiful. But its beauty is out of the ordinary. The Moscow beauty is continuously changing. In spite of difficulties and crises Moscow expands and blooms. It’s the real true Moscow life around the Kremlin in the evening few days after the New Year. I hope that ...

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Live Interesting! Live Different!

Dear friends! The Different View Magazine invites you to a Russian Adventure. [Photos are clickable] Being journalists we make regular trips to unusual places in Russia. Being professional psychologists we know and understand the Russian mentality very well. We invite you to travel and to learn Russia with us. We can pick up you for a reportage trip. You should ...

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A Moscow Old Woman

Yesterday I walked around Moscow. An old woman stood on the sidewalk. She looked at the world through a large magnifying glass. I passed nearby. The old woman looked at me through the magnifying glass. Her wrinkles seemed huge through the glass. The old woman said, “Sonny, buy the magnifying glass!” “It seems I don’t need.” “You don’t need, but ...

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Tainted Love: Evolution Project

The Tainted Love: Evolution project continues to delight us with bright partying. Right now, when cold, rainy fall is coming to Moscow, the Tainted Love: Evolution project warms the adults and shoos the autumn blues away. We will not let autumn spoil our mood! See the hot photos and enjoy! If you are a true clubber and interested in club ...

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Club Moscow

I have already told you about the Moscow nightclub project Tainted Love: Evolution. You can see those hot photos in the article “Adult Games”. If you also want to see beautiful Russian women you should look at photos from the dancing tournament. You can see the dancing photos in the article “Russian Women”. Recently my friends have again invited me to a ...

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Adult Games

Adults play games too. Games for adults differ from children’s ones. Adult games may be hidden from the people around. But there are the places where you can see some games for adults. The project Tainted Love: Evolution invites us to take part in an exciting game for adults. The project Tainted Love: Evolution takes places in different nightclubs of ...

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Russian Women

Russian women

Russian women show you a celebration of sport and beauty. The fitness center ‘Mark Avrely’ (Marcus Aurelius) is not an ordinary gym in Moscow. It’s a club, which unites like-minded persons, who love sport and beauty. Sometimes these like-minded persons organize celebrations for all of us. That dancing tournament took place in the art-cafe Durov in 2013. In the photos below you ...

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