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A Moscow Old Woman

Yesterday I walked around Moscow. An old woman stood on the sidewalk. She looked at the world through a large magnifying glass. I passed nearby. The old woman looked at me through the magnifying glass. Her wrinkles seemed huge through the glass.

The old woman said, “Sonny, buy the magnifying glass!”
“It seems I don’t need.”
“You don’t need, but I do need. Eating is more important for me now than seeing the world.”
“How much is it?”
“It’s 100 rubles.”

I gave 100 rubles and took the magnifying glass.

The old woman said, “Sonny, what good warm hands you have! You seem to be an athlete and a millionaire!”
“Unfortunately I am not. If I would be…”
“God bless you! I wish you become!”

I have come home. I am sitting and looking at the world through the large magnifying glass. I am reflecting on human life and fate.

Text by Igor Shiryaev.

Dear readers!

This article presents my personal view. I don’t pretend I tell you any kind of absolute objectivity.

I love Russia and I love Russians. My personal slogan is “I love! I know! I tell!”

I’m very sorry for my bad English. First of all I try to tell you about lovely Russia, about the Russian mind and way of thinking. I don’t pretend I speak correct and fluent English.

I can help you in any projects related to Russia in the fields of deep non-standard tourism and independent journalism. Also you can buy some my texts and photos. Contact me by e-mail: editor@diff-view.com if you want. Welcome to real Russia!

Yours sincerely
Igor Shiryaev

The Internet mass media Different View. 03.11.2014