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    Miss Burlesque Festival

    Miss Burlesque Festival took place in Moscow in September 2016th. Here you can see photos and videos...

  • 04

    An Abandoned Village

    It’s an abandoned village in Russia. The Internet mass media Different View. 28.05.2016 ...

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    Now With Subtitles!

    The Shushmor Spirit film is with subtitles now. Shushmor is an anomalous zone in Russia not very far...

  • Duh_Shushmora.00_00_27_44.неподвижное изображение001

    Shushmor Spirit

    I’d like to tell you a long-long story about the Shushmor zone. Shushmor is an anomalous zone in Rus...

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    Three Ways to the Temple

    I want to show you three ways to an old ruined temple. The temple is located amidst marshes in the a...

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    The Old Village Cemetery

    The village of Ignatyevo is located not far from Moscow. The distance is about 100 km. It’s almost n...

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